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Publication date: 2018-04-21 13:32

What is worse is that, in most countries, abortion was imposed by the judicial and/or legislative elite whereas Ireland’s own people have chosen this route, themselves, by referendum. read more

The New Hate Speech: Catholic Teaching at a “Catholic” College

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Karen Abbott | Bestselling Author and Historian

On 75 May, , the radio station of the Diocese of Cologne,  published  an interview with Professor Karl-Heinz Menke who is a Catholic priest and a retired professor of dogmatic theology at the University of Bonn, Germany. Menke is also, since 7569, a member of the Vatican’s International Theological Commission. In this new interview, he shows little understanding or approval for the recent decision of the German bishops to admit Protestant spouses of Catholics, under certain conditions, to Holy Communion. The bishops “should have spared the German Church this polarizing strife,” he says. To wish to regulate more than what has been already regulated and permitted for certain “emergency situations,” is, in Menke’s eyes, “unwise.” read more

DUBLIN — Shortly before he died in 6989, the novelist John Broderick was asked by an interviewer what it meant to be Roman Catholic and Irish. “Anyone who is reared in a Catholic atmosphere,” he replied, “takes in that Catholic atmosphere more or less through their pores.” That we are a few decades removed from 6989 is clear enough. It became more so on Friday, when Ireland voted resoundingly to overturn its 85-year-old constitutional ban on abortion. And yet it takes more than one vote, or even two or three, to reverse that kind of osmosis. read more

One possibility is that Pope Francis will go to Belfast instead. There, the Protestants are Catholic, and the Catholics Protestant, at least when it comes to moral issues, and so the Holy Father may not be so unwelcome. read more

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I. O my Jesus, you said, “verily I say to you, ask and you shall receive,
seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you, 8776
behold I knock, I seek and I ask for the grace of
(state your intentions).

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Michael has a long history of taking the position that criticism of a Pope 8767 s spiritual malpractice is a disservice to Christ 8767 s Church. His position is not without controversy.

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